about the brand

Sorough Designs, founded in 2020 by Loïc Léon Widmer, is a design collective that mixes streetwear with vintage high fashion and grunge-inspired styles. Balancing through the modern fashion world, Sorough Designs redefines the 80s grunge-looks with a taste of vintage high fashion and adds a spin of modern streetwear .

For us at Sorough Designs, creating clothing and accessories is a way to express ourselves and make a statement.

After the release of the first collection, called "don't get caught", in Spring of 2020, we are looking forward to release more clothing and further collections. 
We are excited for what is coming in the future and would love to see you again soon!

And don't forget to stop by at our atelier and throw a view on our 1-of-1-pieces and customs.